Our membership is OPEN to All Ashtabula County. Anyone who lives, works, or prays in Ashtabula County can become a member and share in the benefits of membership. Please note that there is a $5.00 membership deposit. Benefits are but not limited to the following:


Low Loan Rates

Convenient Service

Visa Program

ATM Card

Check Cashing


Senior Discounts

Bill Payment

Traveler's Check

Discount Amusements Ticket

High Dividends

Friendly Staff

Debit Card

Drive Thru Lanes

Automatic Clearinghouse

Savings Club

Kids Clubs

Money Orders


Ownership in Credit Union


All accounts are backed by the national credit union administration up to $250,000.00


Kids Information


Ages 0 - 15:

Newborn: Receive your baby's first $5.00 from the credit union, Just call us when you have a newborn with the social security number and birth certificate.


Discount ticket on youth to visit their favorite amusement park.


Ages 16 - 18:

Teen Checking: Start teaching your teenager the importance of having a good working knowledge of the financial world. Teach them the necessary skills to balance a checking account and prepare them for the world when they leave home.


Teen Visa: Start teaching your teenager to build good credit habits. Show them the importance of establishing good credit history and maintaining it. Good credit history is the key to a successful future for them. it will open doors to college, a new car, and even a new home in the future.

Both programs need a parent on as co-signer. Call your credit union for more details.


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Conneaut, Ohio 44030

Telephone: 440-593-6218

Fax: 440-593-7352


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